“Trend Alert” Reused and Sustainable Painted Furniture

“Trend Alert” Reused and Sustainable Painted Furniture

I’m fascinated by the creativity put into revitalizing old furniture and making it fit into today’s trends.  In my travels I come across beautiful pieces that are reused and sustained with interesting colors that we all love, but maybe we don’t have the courage to use in our own homes.  Paint is inexpensive!  It doesn’t cost much to buy a quart of colored paint, and if you don’t like it you can always change it.

Take a look at my collection of reused and sustainable painted furniture.  I am almost certain that all of us have a piece or two around that has this type of potential.  Why not?

Everything Old is New Again!
Many items around our homes or found at yard sales, thrift shops and markets could be very useful, but are just in need of a facelift. Simply look past rough exteriors, and you’ll see the potential in almost anything! Carefully judge the items you find or have around your home and be realistic about what you can accomplish with these pieces.

If you are interested in restoring or repurposing some of your furniture pieces I am offering you my recipe  and some helpful re-do tips.  If I can do it so can you.

Sanding and painting wood:

  1. Sanding wood makes the surface smooth so paint can be applied. In a well ventilated area, rub fine-grit sandpaper along the wood grain (the natural lines that appear in the wood) until edges and seams are smooth and all old paint, stain, or sealant are removed.
  2. Remove dust particles from the wood surface with a slightly damp cloth.
  3. Add an oil base primer over surface so that your paint will take evenly.
  4. Not necessary, but  if you are a perfectionist, you can sand the wood one more time before adding the first coat of paint.
  5. Apply your first coat of paint, let dry and apply an additional coat of paint.
  6. After the paint or stain has dried, paint or spray with a clear coat sealer (one or two light coats) to protect and seal the color. Allow clear coat to dry fully before touching or reapplying.
  7. My recommendation is to let the piece sit for 48 hours before putting to use.  (This is always the hardest part!)

I have personally seen this type of table in neighborhood trash cans.  Don’t be afraid to stop, knock on the door and ask if you can take it home to repurpose.

I am always attracted to metal tops on wood.  These types of pieces become so versatile for either the kitchen, home office or entry way.

This is a common round table.  If I may suggest an additional option; just paint the trim a color and leave the table white.  You can then change the trim color every year.

My Grandmother had pieces like this in her home.  I wish I had them now.

The detail is beautiful.  Today this type of detail is done by machinery. This most likely was done by hand.

The base wood is just common pine. What a great statement piece.

My Favorite piece.

Keep in mind that casters can be added to any piece of furniture.  They are easily found in any hardware store.

Sweet! Painted cane is beautiful. The more beat up it gets the better.

By adding paint to the armoire a statement piece was created for any area of the home.

Vertical or horizontally these old shutters can be used as a headboard in any of your bedrooms.

Weathered out door patio top with touched up legs.  A little dab will do ya!

Updated upholstered cane chairs.  They feel warm and inviting.

I have come across so many old windsor chairs in my travels.  They always feel so traditional, but this set feels fresh and new.

I love the eclectic finshes on the drawers.  There are no mistakes in art.

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