Trend Alert “Feathers” 2012-2013

Trend Alert “Feathers” 2012-2013

Feathers have hit the run way in the fashion world.  From hair to jewelry, prints and textiles, feathers are no longer just for the birds.  We would like to think that this is an original trend, but history states that feathers go back as far as Neanderthals.

Found in a cave near Verona, Italy, paleoanthroopologist Marco Peresani found 660 bird bones where feathers were removed and believed to be used for ornamentation.  Of the birds found and de-featherd, most were not known to be good food sources, and it was evident that only the most beautiful  feathers were plucked.

Native American Headdresses are another early example of feathers being used in clothing and for ornamentation.  In the 16th century in Europe feathers were also used as decoration for masks.  The rich were the first to sport this trend, but these accessories gradually became more accessible to the common class.

Let’s not forget the 20th century when feathers made it onto the fashion scene during the flapper era. The feathers were thought to add movement to dresses while dancing, and then came the famous feather boas to enhance their performances.

We’re still inspired by the feather in our fashion today. While it may not be practical to wear head-to-toe feathers on an everyday basis, it’s always fun to play with the feathers-as-fashion trend.















  1. Antoinette Strickland says:

    As my lovely Mother had stated, Feathers are on the rise. Working in NYC within the fashion industry and being a part of the recent RTW Fashion Week…I have seen the wide set creation and evolution of feathers in the Pre-fall RTW 2013 trends. Alexander McQueen was one of the first designers to challenge the idea of feathers with his creative works of the feather headress and suit which have become monumental icons in the fashion industry. When you think of feahters, you think of bird…birds travel in packs like firends. The trend of feather and fur has become the inspirational trend for my company Jimmy Choos Pre-Fall and CR 13 lines, Jimmy Hendricks meets Kate Moss. Feathers are on the rise. So flock together and start shaking those tail feathers!!!

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